Research & Development

food formulation assistanceProduct development and cost improvement initiatives demand expert knowledge. We’re here to help, with a hands-on approach and expert guidance to speed up the process.

Our sales staff is made up of food and meat scientists with an average of more than 20 years in the food and beverage industry. Our familiarity with product development means we understand all the issues surrounding creating new products, and how important it is to get to market quickly. We’re ready to assist you at any time.

Don’t struggle with formulation challenges. Let us help. By working closely with our suppliers’ technical staff, we can recommend the right ingredients to deliver your desired functionality such as texture, flavor, shelf life, nutrient fortification, color and heat tolerance.

food distribution and sales customer serviceDocumentation should no longer be troublesome. Through our document management system, we maintain and share up-to-date documentation of our ingredients with customers. If you’re frustrated by ingredient suppliers’ minimum order quantity, especially during testing, we can eliminate the problem. We order by the truckload, then break items into manageable quantities to better serve you.


Order just what you need while testing different ingredients for product commercialization. When you’re ready to scale up, we will be, too.