partner to food suppliersEssex Food Ingredients has a strong reputation as a reliable partner to suppliers. We work as an extension to your sales force, to provide better coverage and more face time with customers. Expand your sales through our extensive network of relationships with customers, built over our 45 years in business.

Partnering with Essex Food Ingredients frees you to focus on your core competencies, and reduces selling and service costs. We offer a knowledgeable sales staff of food and meat scientists, capable of providing technical solutions and smart recommendations, not just logistics. We represent our suppliers well, acting as an extension of your product development team.

With an integrated network of conveniently-located warehouses, Essex Food Ingredients provides quick, on-time delivery.

We employ best-in-class supply chain practices, and our customer service staff works diligently to keep your customers happy.

Essex  Food Ingredients can bring new opportunities right to your door. Leverage our strong relationships with a diverse mix of customers to grow your business and expand the customer base for your products.